Feb 2014 Programme Launches!

321Market, the Go To Market accelerator for Technology companies entering the UK, will be accepting applications from 14 October. Programmes include Advance, our 8 Week web-based Accelerator and Propel, our 12 Week UK-based Incubator.

321Market is open to technology companies throughout the world, from early stage to well established, and is ideally suited to those with proven value propositions and serious growth ambition. Unlike other accelerators, we are not seeking equity stakes in the companies with which we work.

Press Release: English Español

Speaking in Mexico City on Monday morning (L), Guadalajara on Wednesday morning (M) and Tijuana on Thursday morning about how to Go To Market in the UK.


UK in Mexico ‏@UKinMexico
Tech City UK es el clúster digital de más rápido crecimiento en Europa. #InnovationTour @UKTIMexico


Steven Leof speaking at UK in Mexico @UKinMexico Innovation Tour in Guadalajara. Photo taken by @IamMobileBob using Google Glass @UKTIMexico


Steven Leof speaking at @UKTIMexico Innovation Tour in Tijuana


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