321Market & La Piñata @MexTechNews Welcome Winners of the UKTI LondonTech 2.0 Global Entrepreneurs Competition!

In recognition of London Tech Week, UK Trade & Investment and 321 Market cordially invite you to a workshop on doing business in the UK. Join us to welcome the 6 startup companies from Mexico that won the UKTI LONDONTECH 2.0 Global Entrepreneurs Competition. The workshop will be hosted at the PR firm Lansons from 2pm to 4pm on Thursday 19th June. It will include a range of experts providing counsel on how to do business in the UK. The 6 startup winners include: –

  • Aventones / Rides: Is a private network that promotes and facilitates the carpooling culture within trusted communities, such as companies, government agencies and universities. It consists of an online system where members can organize and communicate between them to find routes, schedules and empty seats, making the most of the resources available and environmental responsible. The company has agreements with organisation in Mexico, Chile, Peru and Colombia.
  • Bluemessaging: Is an engagement platform that can both, understand and properly respond to users’ requests and questions in an automated but sociable way. BlueMessaging is an easy-to-implement Artificial Intelligence Platform for Web, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Chat, and email.
  • BrandMe: Is a company that monetize campaigns on a crowdmarketing platform that connects brands, SME and agencies with an extensive influencers network ranging from students to celebrities in order to boost their campaigns through social networks in an self-service model.
  • LastRoom: Is a startup that provides companies and business travellers, technology services for their travel management, by reducing costs. The first product was a mobile app for same-day hotel booking. LastRoom have also close ties with some destinations in South America like, Colombia and Chile. Recently it started the division “LastRoom for Business” targeting small and medium size businesses.
  • Wavestack: Is a site that offers a cloud-based service dedicated to music production. It enables musicians and producers to work and collaborate together, allowing the synchronisation, organization and display of music projects on the web in the easiest, most powerful and secure way the music industry has ever had.
  • Zave App: Is an app that allows people to save money on the go in an easy way, by rounding up their bills to the next peso, dollar or pound (or more); and passing into a saving account to promote the savings.

Please register for this event at Eventbrite. If you have any questions, contact us.


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