New SAP Delivery Partner in Japan!

B-EN-G 2We’re pleased to announce that we now represent Tokyo-based Toyo Business Engineering Corp (B-EN-G), a leading Japanese provider of integrated Enterprise Solutions with experience in 25 countries. The company was the first provider of SAP in Japan in 1991 and now serves over 400 global clients from Japan, China, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and other locations.

We continue to work with Mexico-based Softtek, a global provider of process-driven IT solutions and the largest privately held IT Services firm based in Latin America. Together with B-EN-G and other of the Systems Integrators in our network, we help IT Services firms minimise delivery risk throughout the Americas and APAC as well as in Spain/Portugal by putting corporate alliances together and managing the associated deal flow.

Our Corporate & Business Development Services include Go To Market, Deal Origination & Management, and Corporate Alliances. We work with senior executives to evaluate opportunities to enter new markets, shape product/service offers and implement and manage programmes and deals that help them, their teams and their organisations achieve profitable growth in-line with both strategic objectives and more immediate deliverables.


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