Go To Market

Looking for help managing your software estate or sweating your technology-based assets?

We help design and deploy products, services and programmes that meet both strategic objectives and more immediate deliverables. These include business planning, financial modelling, market analysis, market entry strategy, Road Map development and third party negotiation. We can also help define Email Marketing and Social Media strategy and implement process and automation.

Typical projects include the use of IT Outsourcing to improve productivity and reduce the cost of resources, Product/Service innovation to harvest value from technology-based capabilities and planning for and executing UK Market Entry.


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Looking to accelerate your entry to the UK market?

pineapple321Market is our Go To Market accelerator programme for Tech companies entering the UK. Designed to shorten the time necessary to become UK market ready so that they can close commercial agreements and book revenue, 321Market helps companies:

  • Develop their UK Go To Market strategy
  • Learn how to conduct business in the UK
  • Target and meet relevant individuals and companies

We work with companies from early stage to well established, and are ideally suited to assist those with proven value propositions and serious growth ambition.



Speed to market Accelerate your revenue generation
Plug into business networks Access talent, contacts and leads, and drive awareness of your offering through our networking, trade and educational events
Benefit from industry guidance Improve your traction with your mentor who will guide you through the nuances of the UK market while opening doors
Gain access to trusted professionals Focus on generating business with confidence that you’re receiving advice and guidance from trusted professionals with expert knowledge and connections in the market
Localise your value proposition Immerse your company in the customs, culture and language of UK business, enabling you to quickly engage with customers and partners
Locate in Central London Launch your company, brand and proposition in one of the world’s commercial hubs whilst sharing learnings with the other programme companies
Control costs and easily share preparation with your organisation Start engaging with your personal coach and trainers whilst still in your home country
Share your Market Entry risks The 321Market risk-sharing model aligns our interests so that if you succeed, we succeed

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Looking to engage with your audience?

We started and published the successful La Piñata @MexTechNews newsletter 2013-2014. During that time, we grew our distribution list from scratch to 6,500 people in Mexico, the UK, the US, Argentina, Brazil and elsewhere, and achieved an average Open rate of 25%.

Having learned many valuable lessons along the way, we can leverage our experience to help clients use content to build brand awareness and create opportunities through effective email marketing. Whether you’re looking to learn how to get started or to achieve an uplift in your Open rate, we can help:

  • Develop or refine email marketing, content management and distribution strategies
  • Select an Email Service Provider
  • Create and use email templates
  • Manage and grow contact lists
  • Use blogging and Social Media to drive subscriptions

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